Why we call ourselves coaches

coachAnyone can crush you, make you sore for days on end, or worse…make you throw up, etc. Not many people can make you better. This is what separates my team from other “trainers”. We develop coaches who make our clients better, not just physically, but as people.


So here it is: This is why we call ourselves coaches, not trainers. The difference is significant.


Trainer                                                       vs.                                                Coach

Has an answer for everything                                Asks empowering questions

Tries to fix everything                                               Facilitates

Controlling                                                                 Active listener and observer

Good / Bad Nutrition advice                                   Judgment free

Tells you the “Have-to’s”                                         Integrated approach

Gives direction- told what to do                           Fits a plan into your life

Goals focused                                                             Freedom and enjoyment,

Problem focused                                                      Solution focused

Assumptions about client’s life                           Client is the expert in their life


Most (not all) trainers have their own agenda and force it onto their clients. There are a lot of assumptions made about clients and their situations…Mostly that just because they hired a trainer, the client is ready for change. The truth is that everyone is ready for some change, but a coach is willing to figure out just what they are ready for. A coach’s job is to help the client build more clarity and certainty in their life on the client’s terms, not ours.


As coaches we help our clients get out of their own way not by telling them what to do, but by asking great questions, using active listening, and meeting clients where they are at without judgment about what they need in life or in that very moment. Coaches understand that you will never meet the same person twice!


So why do people need coaches? At the start of our clients’ journey, 90% of people feel unfocused, distracted, directionless, uninspired, tired, stressed, unmotivated, sad, angry, frustrated, bored and/or lost. They are playing a game (life) that they can’t yet win. Not knowing where you are or where you are going is daunting. You need a map, a compass. We, your coaches, help people find their way again by means of defining the starting point (telling the truth about yourself to yourself) and being crystal clear about the desired outcome. Then we can come up with the route together, while understanding what obstacles to expect along the journey.


This is our passion. Our job as coaches is about getting results and making you better, inside and out. Everything you need to be successful is already within you, but sometimes all you need is a great coach to bring out the best in you!


Just call us coach…


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