November Member of The Month – Susan T!

Susan has been an Aleda member for nearly two years. When she joined Aleda, Susan says she had really “stopped caring” for herself and she was worried about her commitment to an exercise program. At the time, Susan was scared just to walk, much less exercise in the gym!


















“Because the atmosphere is so warm and forgiving, I have been learning that I can restart when I’ve relapsed without giving up entirely,” Susan says about her learning process so far. “I still have weight to lose, strength to gain and balance to master, but now I know I can do it.”

Susan once took a break from the gym while experiencing leg pain and losing her motivation, but she realized her pain wasn’t getting better with rest and recommitted to exercise. She loves the accountability from friends and coaches at Aleda and appreciates the “nonjudgmental warmth and encouragement.” Since Susan lifted weights and did trail running when she was younger, she’s enjoyed regaining her strength and confidence once more!

Susan says she is looking forward to building on the progress she has already made, and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next! “The process is the most important part of the journey,” she reminds us all. You’ve come so far on your own journey, Susan – keep up the great work!