March Member of the Month: Jenni J!

When Jenni first came to Aleda she was very skeptical and already discouraged due to multiple injuries, failed surgeries, arthritis, a connective tissue disorder (and age!). Exercise was becoming more and more challenging, and she didn’t like it all that much anyway!  Jenni had struggled with consistency and returning injuries were frequent enough to be cautious of exercising.  But Jenni saw a piece about Aleda in the NW Examiner, and “it sounded like it might actually work for me.”

“I quite impressed with Christine’s demonstration at Aleda, and by the efforts to accommodate my various physical limitations, I still had trouble with consistency at the beginning. I’d come once a week sometimes twice per week. Then with more medical problems and a divorce threatened to distance me even more. I thought this would just be one more program I would eventually give up on.”

Jenni came to Aleda to maintain physical health in spite of her age. “Coach Bethani was relentless in her campaign to keep me going and make me healthier.  Eventually, she made me see I COULD actually get stronger, without injuring myself, with her help. Then I realized if I just went to Aleda everyday, I wouldn’t have to ponder whether I really felt like going.”

“When I started coming everyday, I got to know the regulars a bit, and began accomplishing much more that I thought I could. Now I also walk a great deal (up to 10 mile walks!). I never would have started that either without first getting stronger and more confident at Aleda. It has been such a pleasure meeting so many others who have obstacles and are not judgmental (or pushy) as some I’ve encountered at the big gyms. YAY ALEDA!”

Keep up the great work Jenni, we are all so very proud of you and have seen such a transformation in you. You are happier and healthier than we have ever seen you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!