February Member of the Month – Lisa H.!


Lisa is such a bright, motivated presence in our gym and we are so proud to feature her this month! She has put in so much hard work both in the gym and at home, and is eager to tackle new goals in 2017 as she starts her second year at Aleda.

As a nurse and mom, Lisa has a busy schedule that can fluctuate frequently, but by prioritizing her nutrition and building in time for her workouts, she managed to lose over 15lbs in 2016! “I weighed just over 150 pounds in January 2016 when I joined,” she remembers. “I’m now down to 135 pounds, and I’ve still gained muscle!”

Lisa’s goal this year is to lose 10 more pounds while still maintaining her muscle mass and strength. She says she’s been inspired by the success and dedication of other members, like Maya, who set great examples of what a committed, positive approach to lifestyle changes can accomplish.

Lisa found success with a low-carb diet that includes lots of veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats. “My nutrition changes have helped me maintain my energy levels through long shifts,” she shares. To complement her nutritional changes, Lisa also enjoys the blend of strength training and high-intensity work in her programs at the gym, and can often be found with her jump rope. J

Congratulations on all your hard work, Lisa! You’re such a great example of the progress that can be made with a can-do attitude and a consistent approach. Here’s to another great year!