Movement and Mobility – This class will be about the details of proper movement quality and activation. We will focus on getting you moving better with ease. If you want basic exercises to help you improve your posture, your alignment, and your joint health then this class is for you! These exercises will be mindful, targeted, and precise movements that will improve your strength and mobility like never before.

You will start to notice less aches and pains, more strength, and more freedom of movement. This is your tune up and rejuvenation class!

Strength and Stamina – If you feel like our current classes are too fast paced, too intimidating, and too intense then this class will give you great results at your own pace with movements that are catered to your own ability level. This class will help you gradually build up your strength and stamina without the pressure to jump into our fast paced metabolic classes. We will focus on light, gradual endurance training (cardiovascular health) and strength training. If you want to keep up with your grandkids, have the endurance to continue to travel, and maintain your ability to enjoy your favorite hobbies and activities you will love this class!

Brains and Balance – Let’s face it; balance is so much more than just trying to stand on one leg. Did you know your balance system lives in the brain? Seasons change and so do our needs as we age. We start to dramatically lose function of our sensory-motor system as we age. All of the things that are important to help you stay active, keep traveling, and keep charging ahead in life.

Your vision, your vestibular (inner ear), and proprioception (movement) all start to deteriorate, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is true that if you don’t use it you lose it…so when is the last time you did eye drills to improve your vision? When is the last time you challenged your balance system to see if it is functioning optimally? If you have tight, stiff or achy joints chances are something is locked up above or below that joint and proprioception can help release it! And the brain…the brain loves to be challenged. We have brain games at the beginning of each class and incorporate cognitive functioning into the workout! I can’t tell you how many clients notice improvements in their day to day functions because of this class!

Fundamentals – This is a back to basics class focusing on the fundamentals of movement. We will focus progressions through all the basic movement patters: squat, hinge, push, pull, twist, single leg work, carries, and core. This will be scaled back to really dial in on form, posture, breathing, and precision through the movements. This class is great for beginners who are new to the gym or the seasoned vets who want to focus on perfecting their craft towards mastery of movement.

Metabolic – At Aleda Fitness you don’t see rows of cardio equipment, like you do at most gyms. We use a much more effective (and a lot more fun) way to do “cardio”. Our Metabolic group sessions are our version of a cardio workout. They burn calories, get your metabolism revving and give you the cardiovascular benefits you are looking for. In the research, interval cardio training has been shown to be the most effective for fat loss. We’ve taken it up a notch and incorporated exercises in multiple planes of motion, using all kinds of equipment such as TRX’s, kettlebells, ropes, sandbags, medicine balls, and more into each interval workout. You’ll have a blast and you’ll torch fat! Add 1-2 in addition to your strength workouts each week.

Total Body – Total Body group sessions are designed as full body strength workouts. These types of workouts are our #1 priority to burn calories and build lean muscle to boost your metabolism for the long term. These group sessions are sets of exercises for specific repetitions. You’ll use weights that are challenging for the sets but everyone can go at their own pace. Total Body is a good alternative to your individualized program designed specifically for you. Receive similar benefits in a fun group setting! Workout with a coach during your semi-private session or take a Total Body group session 1-2 times each week.

 Unlimited group classes are included in all Aleda Fitness memberships.

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