BodyMap Coaching

BodyMap Coaching for pain, tension, and restriction

  • Are you living in chronic pain or tension?
  • Do you have neck, shoulder, hip, or knee pain no one has been able to heal?
  • Are you living with poor mobility or flexibility?

We assume that pain, restriction, and poor movement are “mechanical”. Have you ever pulled a muscle, thrown out your back, or possibly torn something? It is awful! And we quickly run to have it worked on or massaged because we assume that the problem is muscular.

But what if pain wasn’t a muscle problem? 

What if we told you that unless a traumatic injury occurred like a break or you had invasive surgery you likely aren’t injured. Now this doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real, it just means the pain isn’t what you originally thought.

How many times have you been in pain and “pushed through” or taken something to make it go away so you could continue on with your day? Of course you did, because pain is pesky and hinders your life. But then the pain gets worse, you get sick, or the ibuprofen stops working and suddenly this little pesky pain becomes chronic.

Pain or restriction is an invitation to pay attention! It’s the brain’s most sophisticated language and it is very good at getting your attention.

Why? Because if your brain gives you restriction or pain you will slow down or stop what you’re doing all together and that means you are safe. Safety is your brain’s #1 priority all day, everyday.

By working with a Certified BodyMap coach you will learn HOW your brain determines if your body is safe or not and HOW to get rid of pain, move better, and feel better in SECONDS.

Body Mapping Results

What is BodyMap great for?

  • Chronic pain not caused by an accident or traumatic injury
  • Joint pain – Neck, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles
  • Tension
  • Headaches
  • Restriction
  • Poor mobility
  • Inflammation

BodyMap Options

Intro BodyMap Package – $297

All new BodyMap clients start here. Your intro package includes THREE 30-minute BodyMap sessions:

  • Personal assessment
  • Determining your highest payoff exercise drills
  • How to apply the exercise drills to yourself and a practical application into your workouts

*Not a member of Aleda Fitness? You may purchase the Intro Package for $397

Member Add-On BodyMap Sessions – $99/Session

Intro Package Required

Once you’ve completed your Intro Package you may add a BodyMap session on whenever you need it. We will re-assess you, eliminate pain and restriction, and teach you how to use your best drill exercises into your day-to-day life.

To book your first session please call Aleda Fitness – (503) 906-4144