Better Balance and Beyond

Do you want to dramatically increase your balance and flexibility?

Aleda is introducing the Better Balance and Beyond Program: A 12-week program that will increase your strength, reduce your risk of injury, increase your balance and flexibility, and learn exercises for fall prevention.

This program is specifically designed to make you feel younger, give you vibrant energy and finally help you do the things you’ve always wanted to do, BETTER…even if it’s just wanting to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

You deserve to create memorable moments with the people who matter the most to you. Aleda Fitness is here to empower, encourage and enrich your health and your life in any way we can.

Meet Kate. Kate is 71 years young. When Kate first started her balance was terrible. She would have to hold onto the table when she stood up for support. She was even wondering whether she would have to start using a cane.

In Kate’s own words, “I had no stamina. Walking up a flight of stairs would wind me. The results of working out at Aleda have been amazing.” She’s more energetic and best of all, she feels like dancing again (which she does regularly at the gym!).

– Kate Birdsall, Portland, OR

Better Balance and Beyond 12-week program includes:

  • How to tap into the three systems that are vital to maintaining optimal balance – your visual system, your vestibular system, and your somatosensory system. Tools you can do at home in just 15 seconds per day!
  • Improving stability, flexibility, and your gait to enhance your balance Learn a systematic, progressive approach no matter what activity level you are at right now.
  • Performing a variety of high-level functions. Learn how to carrying things, weight shifting, changing direction, reacting, slowing down, starting and stopping all while staying upright in a safe environment!
  • Brain games, drills, and activities that will enhance cognitive functioning. All designed to improve your memory, problem solving skills, reasoning skills, conceptualization, and processing speed!
  • Fall prevention techniques that can save your life. In the likely event that you DO fall, knowing you are physically prepared to get back up without any help!
  • How to get up and down off the floor with ease, which your grandkids will love!
  • Stay active with confidence! You will be able to get out of a chair or out of a bathtub with ease, you will proudly carry around your grandkids with ease, and you will happily take the stairs!

Meet Susan. Susan had been with us for about 8 months before she took a nasty fall on her Holiday. Susan has osteoporosis and shattered her knee cap and femur. She had to have a total knee replacement and a steal rod put in as her femur and to top it all off she got a staff infection in the hospital, which completely regressed her physical therapy.

She came in 5 months later, showed up with a walker and said “I don’t know what else to do or where else to go, but I trust that you can get me back to functioning.” So we did, baby step by baby step. “I trusted in Aleda’s process completely.”

We moved from walker to cane and from cane to no cane. Now Susan is squatting to a high box with no support or assistance, she is dragging a sled that weighs 150 lbs and walking with ease. She wants to be able to sit down with her grand baby and be able to get up without the fear of dropping him. She is also able to enjoy being on the golf course again and keep up with her gal pals. “I can do all the things I enjoy again, something that didn’t seem possible at first, but now I feel stronger and more capable.”

– Susan Paulsell, Portland, OR

  This program is for you if you want….

  • Improved Confidence in Movement
  • Movement Ease & Efficiency
  • Vastly Improved Muscle Tone, Movement Skill and Posture.
  • Decreased Daily Muscle Tension and Improved Resistance to Stress.
  • Major Improvements in Strength, Speed, & Mobility/Flexibility.
  • Breakthroughs in Physical Performance.
  • Significant Decreases or Total Elimination of Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain.
  • Improved Visual Skills and Decreased Eye Strain.
  • Massive Improvements in Daily Energy with Decreased Fatigue.
  • To recapture a body that moves well, pain free, and is functional for all activities in life.
  • To maintain your ability to do what you need to do, enjoy what you want to do, and be able to explore what you like to do by living as healthy and active as possible for as long as possible.
  • Oh, and Better Balance!

Meet Andrea. Before coming to Aleda in February 2012 Andrea was going to one of those gyms with rows of treadmills and bikes, dark and smelly is how she remembers it. “Aleda was like a breath of fresh air with it’s open space, bright colors, and friendly staff.”

Andrea lost 15 lbs, but also knew that what she was doing at Aleda was contributing to my overall health and sense of well-being. “The coaches have willingly talked with my doctor about which exercises to do and which to avoid as I strengthen and work to reduce the pain in my knees and joints. We are making great progress!”

– Andrea Drury, Portland, OR

Meet Rindi: “I was tripping and had no recovery with stumbles…my balance was bad! After the 12-week program, I feel stronger and more confident with my balance. When I tripped, I caught myself! Aleda is like a family, people say ‘hello’ when you walk in, and everyone connects with each other.”

Rindi Stewart, Portland OR

We’ve taken all the guesswork out for you!

The program is customized to your ability level…all you have to do is show up!

 Your 12-week program includes:

  • THREE customized programs centered on balance, flexibility, strength, and fall prevention to be changed and progressed every 4 weeks.
  • TWO personal training sessions per week with a coach (24 sessions over the course of the program)
  • ONE group class per week specific to the program
  • Follow along videos to do your personalized drills at home in just 10 minutes per day which you have access to for life
  • FIVE movement and longevity assessments that will keep you safe from injury and guarantee pain-free movement
  • Weekly Brain games, drills, and activities to improve cognitive function
  • Proactive coaching support to help you move forward positively with daily habits or patterns, lifestyle choices, mindset or any struggles that may come up


 To give you the highest quality attention, results, and support we only have 15 spots for the entire program…that’s it. This is a very popular program and each program we run at Aleda always sells out!

Our next Kick-off meeting is on September 24th at Noon at Aleda Fitness

Call today to reserve your spot. We look forward to meeting you and changing your life!

 To register please call Aleda at 503-906-4144 today to reserve your spot as space is limited.

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Hosted by Aleda Fitness Owner Christine Wilborn

Functional Aging Specialist

Brains and Balance over 60 Specialist

B.S in Behavioral Psychology


FMS – Functional Movement System Specialist

Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming

Z-Health Practitioner

BodyMap Specialist

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