Our Story

Aleda_Promotions-137.webI created Aleda Fitness because my mom would never step foot into a gym. She hated them and never felt comfortable in them. She didn’t want to feel embarrassed or laughed at by others. She wanted to feel welcomed and comfortable. I thought if I could create the perfect space and environment for my mom to feel safe, taken care of, and confident in, then I could create something great for others who felt exactly how she did. I was on a mission to create a different kind of gym experience.

My mom grew very ill in the spring of 2012, right after we opened Aleda. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and later had severe complications that landed her in ICU for 6 weeks, nearly losing her life. She was a fighter and survived what the doctors called a miracle. If she hadn’t been strength training and building up her general health, it could have been fatal. We are very luck she is still with us.

Now, I may not know what it’s like to experience the aging process, but I can empathize with how it affects you and the loved one’s around you. You want to stay active, be independent, and feel fully capable to enjoy activities you have loved for years. There are memories to be made with family and friends, vacations to take, and grandkids to keep up with! You have the spirit to take life by the horns, but without a plan, your body won’t allow it.
Aleda offers programs that are specifically designed to make you stronger and feel younger, give you more energy, and help you do the things you have always wanted to do.

Our programs will help you handle every day functions like going up and down the stairs, picking things up off the floor, and getting up off the ground with ease. Things you may find easy now but have no plans to keep it that way. Without a strategic exercise plan, each year that you get older your ability to do these things decreases, making everyday activities like gardening, playing with grandkids, and picking things up off the floor much more difficult and frustrating. If you aren’t able, your body will have to work twice as hard to perform daily tasks taking a further toll on your energy levels.

Imagine if you had a plan where you could:

Experience more energy so that you can do the things you love doing…even BETTER.

Improve your confidence in your physical abilities so you get much more out of life and can say “yes”, instead of “no thanks”.

Dramatically increase your stamina and endurance so you can finally work in the yard for hours or play with your grandkids for hours without your body being stiff or sore later.

Reduce or even eliminate any discomfort so you can actually get on the floor to play with your grandkids (and then easily get up again!)

Have the peace of mind that you will be fit and healthy 10, 20, or even 30 years from now.

Significantly reduce your aches and pains without dangerous pills, medicine, or surgery.

Be confident that you will have the physical ability to enjoy all the adventures and wonders you have yet to experience.

At Aleda Fitness we believe in customized programs to fit the health needs of each unique individual. Aleda believes in looking at the whole picture, which helps our members make pro-active lifestyle choices so that they can live a healthy, active, and long life. We have found that the best workout program is the one that you enjoy, the one you can stick with long-term, the one that keeps you pain free, while challenging enough to get you results. When an exercise program can help someone enjoy life for as long as possible while staying as healthy and as active as possible, that’s the sign of a great program!

We believe fitness should fit into your lifestyle, be something you look forward to, and something you are proud of. We believe fitness should be simple, smart, and fun so that you can enjoy more life. You will always leave Aleda feeling better than when you came in, so that you can go out and enjoy what you love most in life.

Imagine a life where you will be able to move carefree and have all the energy and capability in the world to enjoy your favorite activities. Are you ready for that?

To get started on your journey back to enjoying more life, please call us to schedule your complimentary consultation at 503-906-4144.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Your Coach,

Christine Wilborn