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five post-holiday fit tips

With another holiday season coming to a close many of you are revving up to hit the gym for your post-holiday/pre-NewView full post »

have a wonderful holiday

We are spending a couple days with family, cooking yummy things, and expressing gratitude for the year we’ve had.View full post »

Inside my gym bag

Today I thought I would share the contents of my gym bag. Ohhhhh. I was not always a gym goer  – so when itView full post »

life balance inventory

This handy tool was introduced to me during my first weeks of my life coach training. Come to find out it is ratherView full post »

What exactly is functional movement?

Functional Movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. They usually involve multi-planar,View full post »

success spotlight: Jill Daniels

“I feel as though I have a second home”, Jill says now just 10 weeks into being part of the Aleda FitnessView full post »

Training at Aleda

This is the most common question for anyone new to Aleda Fitness or even new to training. We like to sayView full post »

success spotlight: Peggy Law

Peggy Law is experiencing adventures at 76 most of us never grab off our bucket lists – and we could not be moreView full post »

DIY 100 Workout Stamp Card

We are always looking for new ways to inspire our incredible group of clients here, so when this idea was mentionedView full post »

a little bit about life coaching…

Life Coaching is still a fairly new profession but is gaining momentum and quick. First, let me de-bunk a fewView full post »

success spotlight: Danielle Nichols

Meet Danielle – she is a mom to THREE boys under the age of 7, and two full-time jobs. In our books she is theView full post »

5 ways to find time for your workout

I love this question because it gets asked a lot which means it is stopping lots ‘o’ peeps from feelingView full post »

success spotlight: Lisa McGuire

Since making Aleda Fitness her fitness guru Lisa has gone from about to buy Size 18 pants to zipping into a SizeView full post »

December Member of the Month: Cheryl Noxon

Cheryl Noxon signed up the day we opened in February and quickly became a beacon of light and positiveness everyday!View full post »

success spotlight: one of our own

You may have seen Andrea, she is one of the owner’s here at Aleda Fitness, but many have never heard her story! WhenView full post »