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We are so excited to share Heather’s story with you this month! Heather just passed her six-month anniversary with Aleda and she has made some amazing strides so far.

Heather had worked out at other gyms with other trainers before finding Aleda, but never felt like she found the right fit. She was looking for a welcoming place that would meet her individual needs and allow her to work at her own pace. Having just turned 30, Heather was determined to have a fresh, healthy start to this new decade in her life – and a few months later, she decided to start her journey at Aleda!


One of Heather’s goals for 2016 was to lose 40 pounds, and thanks to her hard work both in the gym and at home, Heather has hit her halfway milestone – she has lost 20 pounds in the last six months! In addition to her success on the scale, Heather has also noticed an increase in her confidence in the gym. She’s lost a pant size, has more energy, and feels stronger: lots of victories in just a few short months!

Heather participated in our Total Transformation challenge in May and saw the most significant weight loss of any of our female participants. Though she was uncertain about the elimination-style nutrition challenge at first, she and her husband had a lot of success experimenting with their eating habits, and have incorporated several things from the challenge into their daily lives going forward.

It’s been an honor to watch Heather progress through her journey. She is always a positive presence in our evening classes and is branching out and trying more and more new things as her confidence grows. Just the other week Heather tackled banded pull ups for the first time! “Finding something you enjoy makes weight loss so much easier,” Heather noticed. “I’m surprised that it’s fun to lift weights – that was never appealing to me before!”

Congratulations on your consistent hard work and continued progress, Heather! With such a solid foundation built in the first six months, we’re so excited to see where the rest of the year takes you.


A lot of you have been asking great questions and one that comes up a lot is: “What do I eat after a workout?” If you have done our Total Transformation Program you have to eat within an hour after your workout…and you don’t want to just eat anything…Emma explains below!

A question has cropped up around the gym lately: is it important to eat after a workout? The simple answer is yes! We put our bodies under immense stress when we exercise. Our muscles get worn and torn from all of our workouts here at Aleda, so it is necessary/critical/crucial to replenish them once we are finished.

One of the purposes of working out is to burn energy, which in the body is called glycogen. Glycogen is similar to gas in a car. After you drive the car, you need to refuel it before it runs out of gas and shuts down. The same principles apply for the body. Once our glycogen stores have been depleted, it is our job to refuel ourselves or else we run the risk of breaking down, running out of energy, and taking from other fuel stores such as our muscle.

What exactly is glycogen? You won’t find it in the aisle of New Seasons! Glycogen is the broken down form of glucose, which is found in carbohydrates. Let’s refer back to the car: not only is necessary to refuel the car with gas, it’s also important to put quality gas into the car. If we don’t, the car will begin to break down and run with less efficiency. The same rules apply for the body.  Complex carbs such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best form of glucose, as they will last longer and burn slower than a simpler carbohydrate such as a piece of white toast or sugary cereal. You should consume your choice of complex carbs within an hour of working out for best results. Pair the carbohydrates with a proper source of protein to ensure muscle repair and growth.

In addition to burning energy, another purpose of working out is to build muscle. This occurs during resistance training, as lifting weights causes tiny tears in our muscle fibers. THIS IS GOOD. In order for your muscles to grow, they must be torn down so they can be rebuilt stronger. However, if you prioritize nutrition after your workouts, you will give your body what it needs to repair the muscle tears and ensure that your muscles grow bigger and stronger.

Eating post-workout is very important, and you get the most benefits by refueling your body within an hour of exercising. Make sure you are fueling up by pairing complex carbs (fruit, veggies, whole grain) with a complete protein (lean meat, fish) to ensure that you are keeping your body functioning at optimal levels and getting the most out of all of the hard work you just did in your workout!

Emma H.


I got lazy about my health…

I threw out my back in late February.

It was awful.

Lightning rods were shooting into my spine and I would get zingers just with a single step!

A single event set off a cascade of, well… other events: Not moving around enough, eating for comfort vs. for health, and being scared to lift.

My body kept giving me signals to get some extra mobility training in, but I didn’t listen.

My gut kept getting bigger, but I didn’t listen.

There were other ways of increasing my intensity without causing more injury, but I didn’t listen.

I chose to “let myself go” because it was the EASY thing to do.

That’s right, even I struggle to stay in shape, to stay disciplined, and to keep my priorities straight around my health. But what happens when you don’t listen to that question your body is asking you for a really long time?

“Why are you avoiding me?”

Just like any relationship, if you don’t take care of it, heal it, nurture it, feed it appropriately, put it in a great environment to grow, focus on it, and stay consistent, it will regress and fall apart. The relationship with your body and mind is not just as important; it’s THE most important! 

 You get out of it what you put into it.

You can blame all of the different types of diets. You can blame anything and everything around you but it won’t change anything, it will frustrate you more (like it did me!)

The best thing about this all is that change happens in a moment….the moment is when you decide to change.

 I had to decide that enough was enough!

 I have decided that I will be eliminating sugar, gluten, and dairy out of my food for the next 30 days.


Because I don’t feel good in my body, my gut is twice the size it use to be, and my stomach is upset most days. It’s time for a change. I will welcome any weight loss, but I am doing this for my health first. 

I will be documenting my process along the way so that you get first hand insights into how my body, my mind, and my energy respond. It will be vulnerable, real, and honest. I won’t hold back on my experience.

There’s an opportunity in this for you as well, because I know I’m not alone in this…

If you decide to stop avoiding what your body is saying to you and want get rid of the aches and pains, feel great and healthy in your body again, and to look in the mirror and be proud of what is looking back at you then come to our Total Transformation Kick-off Seminar on Saturday August 27th at 11am to see if our program is right for you.

There’s always a tipping point where you say to yourself – enough is enough. It’s not longer about wishing and wanting to change – it’s a MUST.

I had to face what I was avoiding and it wasn’t until I saw photos of my body from 4th of July vacation and I didn’t recognize my own body. There was a tire around my belly! And my pants no longer fit me. I was finally uncomfortable and had had enough.

I am fortunate to have such a supportive spouse who is willing to help me make adjustments and changes. You don’t have to go it alone either. This program has weekly accountability meetings in a small group of people just like you trying to make healthy changes.

And if are deciding to put an end to the frustration of how your body looks, feels and performs and you want to take back your power, confidence and choices, then come join us on Saturday August 27th at 11am to see why and how we approach transformations that stay for good! Sign up sheet is up at the front desk! This program will sell out – it does every time.

If you are curious and have an interest in coming to the seminar, whether you do the program or not, please email us back at to register (Subject: Total Transformation)!


You’ve tried to explain it to your friends and family members.

You found something here you can’t quite put a finger on.

You can’t believe you found a gym that you actually enjoy coming back to.

It’s difficult to explain it to others who have yet to experience it. It’s a vibe you simply have to experience for yourself.

I personally have tried to put my finger on it for the past 4 ½ years and there may be on common denominator that reminds me why I build this studio in the first place.

It’s more than just a workout.

I have watched our clients experience loss, trauma, heartbreak, unexpected job changes, transitions, broken relationships, death, surgeries, illness, disease – you name it I’ve seen it in all of our clients. In the midst of days you don’t know what to do you can count on Aleda. If you’re not having a great day you know you have a welcoming home in us.

The one thing I know for sure is that Aleda is a place you can count on to create space for healing. Everyone needs space to heal, to grow, and to just BE. Everyone needs a space to feel safe enough to face their issues and to take care of themselves. Everyone needs an anchor and someone to lean on for support when life gets a little crazy.

None of us want to feel alone on this journey called life – especially during the hard times. In the thick of it you need support, compassion, and a community that accepts you just as you are. And that’s what makes this place special.

In essence I set out to create a special place for people just like you so that you could have a place to call home, that you could count on no matter what life throws at you. I certainly hope that Aleda has made a positive difference in your life. It has personally showed me what I am capable of, gave me a sense of purpose, and healed a lot of broken things in my life. I have faced my darkest fears with Aleda and she has taught me the most about myself in the same way marriage has! And in hard times she has always been there for me whether I needed to slam a ball, push a prowler, battle the ropes, or simply lay down and breathe.

She’s a constant I can depend on – the community, the connection, and the courage of all our clients carries us all.

I want to thank you for being here. Thank you for trusting us to be the best part of your day. Thank you for being vulnerable with us and allowing us to stand side by side with you through your pain, your joys, and your struggles. We thank you for showing up and empowering yourself to heal, to change, and to improve yourself every time you step foot in the gym. We honor you and your life’s journey.

Lean on us as an anchor of support, as an outlet to literally work your day out, and to find that place deep down inside of you that shows you what you are truly capable of – a person with just as much inner strength as you have outer strength.

Aleda will get you through.

Christine and the Aleda Team!

P.S If you are a member we are excited to announce that next week is “Bring a Buddy Week!” – You are welcome to bring friends and family to any group class throughout the whole week – Starting this Saturday at the inaugural Aleda Games until next Saturday the 23rd!
Show off your beloved gym to your friends and family next week!
See you then!

Six months ago, Ross showed up at Aleda looking for a place to improve his overall fitness level. An avid hiker, Ross hoped to tackle more challenging outdoor activities and lose some weight with the help of a fitness program, but he had a few concerns: would there be room for the gym around his work schedule? Would he stick with it?

As it turns out, yes! Ross loves the camaraderie and sense of community among Aleda’s members and also enjoys the diverse demographic of ages and fitness levels, noting that “you’ll look over at someone a decade older than you, and they’re lifting more weight than you are!” Ross has become a regular in the evenings, navigating the challenges of a busy schedule to accommodate both sessions and classes. “At first the group classes seemed too intense,” Ross recalls. “But I learned that there are options for everyone’s level. And with the monthly progressions, though it’s hard at first, by the end of the month you’ve got the hang of it and you’re ready for the next challenge!”

Ross lost over 16 pounds in May’s Total Transformation program, but he says his biggest victory was his mindset shift. “There’s a big difference between thinking ‘I’ll try’ and ‘I will,’” he notes. “I learned that it is possible to change old habits.”


Ross Before and After Web

Ross’ current focus is on figuring out his “new normal” after the more extreme changes he made in May, but he says his previous goals seem much more attainable now that he’s seen what he’s capable of. He has his sights set on completing the 30-mile Wildwood Trail through Forest Park and thinks he may be ready much sooner than he originally thought. In fact, Ross says hiking made him much less sore after only two months of doing his program in the gym, even though he’s hiking more often than he used to!

When asked if he has any advice for new members, Ross suggested, “Trust your coaches! I was holding myself back and not going up in weight [lifted] because I was worried about injuring myself. Once I gained the confidence to push myself a little bit, I broke through a plateau.”

“I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner,” Ross adds. “Just start!”

We’re so impressed with Ross’ hard work and dedication. Congratulations on a solid six months at Aleda, Ross! We can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes you.